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My face met the ground the first time I wore heels. Ok, maybe that was bit of an exaggeration. I didn’t exactly fall but I came pretty close.  I wonder what went wrong. Could it possibly have been the height? No, they were only 3 inches. Despite how “low” I thought the heel was, research […]

I have a confession. Can you keep a secret?? … I am a podiatrist, and I love wearing high heels! Shhh! Most of us know that the age-old consensus regarding long term use of high heels is that they are bad for your feet, right? They can cause and/or exacerbate corns & calluses, ingrown toenails, […]

Running for “The Big Guy” In the green shorts standing at 6ft tall and weighing in at 270lbs.  He has completed several half marathons, a plethora of 10k’s and 5k’s.  He is free of foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, or back pain.  He is “The Big Guy.” Big Guys can run too.  If you […]

If you all are like me and enjoy occasionally people watching as you sit in a public place as a park, I’m sure you have observed a person in the process of what they perceive to be running. Often times in the novice runner early attempts at running may come out looking more like a […]

I love running. Some people run to exercise, but I exercise to continue running. My knees can no longer take 7 days of running, so I mix it up with spin classes, Kettlebell classes, and cardio sculpting. However, they are all a distant second to running. I grew up in Boston. My parents were frugal […]

  Welcome to our Blog This blog was created as a way for our medical professionals to stay connected and communicate with the communities we serve.  Our team of foot experts are committed to educating and providing valuable information on foot health, as well as other medical and health news.  Feel free to join in as […]