I love running. Some people run to exercise, but I exercise to continue running. My knees can no longer take 7 days of running, so I mix it up with spin classes, Kettlebell classes, and cardio sculpting. However, they are all a distant second to running.

I grew up in Boston. My parents were frugal Bostonians. Any sport that required more equipment than a pair of sneakers was not in the budget. So, I joined my middle school cross country team, coached by the woodshop instructor. Much to everyone’s surprise I was actually good. Yes, I was a cross country geek and the cross country team was full of the school misfits. We had a girl on the team that literally wore a winter vest and jeans running regardless of the weather conditions.  Running wasn’t a cool sport, but we had fun.

I remember the cool September afternoons running with my team mates, and the excitement of the meets. There is nothing like the exhilaration of seeing your opponent in the far distance, and slowly catching up to them and sprinting to the end to win.running2

If you have never run in a 5K , they are a lot of fun. As an adult, you don’t usually have people cheering you on in life. Occasionally you may get a good job at work, but running a 5K you have the support of not only the fans but your fellow runners.  Enter a 5k and your competitive spirit takes over.  Sadly enough, I have even sprinted to the end to beat a 12 year old kid. Ok, I am not proud of that moment, but regardless of age everyone likes to win.

The Foot Institute will be hosting their second annual 5K run on May 20th. Start training and let your competitive spirit take over.

Maureen Quinlan, DPM

The Foot Institute, LLC

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